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Samsung Note 4 Review

Battle Smartphone Tablet: Galaxy Note 6 Further Apple iPhone 4 Vs Samsung

samsung note 4 review
samsung note 4 review
Samsung Note 4 Review! The launch of Apple evidenced by the latest new targets companies in the tablet market with the iPhone smartphone 6 Plus. His greatest product ever shown an interest Smartphone to compete with the main competitor, Samsung, Just Who Publish Galaxy Note 4. Pour off the device included in the pocket, in the comparison of its key features are summarized in the exam.

Samsung Note 4 Review - Design and Manufacture

These two smartphones that adhere to be a use in a principal capacity without having to call the other. Samsung has ruled out the use of plastic pour aluminum housing and construction OPT front pay, thus placing almost on the design of the Apple iPhone, although OFFERING necessary subtlety. So What iPhone 6 Plus is slightly above note 4 EST significantly thinner, with a view to the overall advantage comfort. Note 4 Where not win back cover is removable, allowing the service batteries and easy replacement.


With the iPhone 6 Plus, you will receive our great A 5.5-inch IPS LCD 1080p while what the Galaxy Note 4 gives UN AMOLED screen 5.7-inch qHD super-is-who in most With plenty of higher resolution than 2560 x 1440 pixels. Number of sage, Samsung is a clear winner, reputedly pour smartphones and fantastic events _their_ contrast ratio, ideal for use in a dark room.

Power and performance

Comparison of specifications, Samsung is brute force. Running on the latest Snapdragon processor, more RAM CE device If the iPhone and Adreno GPU to Control LAST sophisticated games. IPhone 6 Plus works in the new A8 processor and PowerVR four cores vise aussi well with GPU gaming applications, aim, lower on paper. If you are not multitasking Who flip between games and email, Samsung Note 4 sera certainly better face the Apple device.


Both devices are fantastic pour Take pictures of near and far. The main change is the addition of optical image stabilization, payment fantastic photograph in low-light. If you really want to know the number of megapixels, Samsung has 16 megapixels, whereas the iPhone has 8 megapixels, but most consumers are not aware of significant in today's world.

Battery life

Plus as a large set of device in the child, there is this incredible Samsung held in June, the largest battery. But it is important to note Processors Have aussi be developed and powered by battery power in June after extensive testing, the Samsung has little SI Duration More than ever, the iPhone, which has a bad reputation for June's life Battery. Fortunately, the two devices much of its batteries very quickly due to the advanced technology close.

Item coverage

If you are designing Search Smartphone tablet perfect, ease of use and high reactivity, the iPhone 6 Plus is a winner. If LOOKING something new and innovative, with a higher power and advanced technology and the Galaxy 4 Note is obvious.

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